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PFC42V BMS: 3/4″ Recessed DPDT Balanced Switch

The PFC42V BMS High Security Magnetic Contact is a 3/4″ recessed contact that works well in wood and steel doors where a small concealed contact is preferred. The UL Listed magnetic contact has two SPDT door switches and one SPDT magnetic tamper switch when magnet is present. There are nine color coded wires and an adjustable rare earth magnet. The patented Flair recessed case locks into several gauges of steel doors as well as wood doors. Provide your customers more than just a door switch, give them time tested inexpensive Flair high security contacts with built in magnetic tamper.

  • Specifications

    Part Number

    PFC42V BMS


    White, Brown, Gray, Black


    0″ to 3/8″ Adjustable

    Lead Length

    Nine 12″ #22 AWG Wire Leads


    3/4″ Dia. x .87″ L

    Electrical Rating

    Maximum 30 VDC, 20 ma. 3 W

    Loop Type (with magnet present)

    Two SPDT Door Switches, One SPDT Magnetic Tamper

    Ul Rating

    UL 634 Magnetic Contact (Not Level I nor II)


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