About Us

At Flair we produce quality electronic security products and provide all of our customers prompt, courteous and comprehensive service. We will make sure the products we produce work per our specifications and our customer’s requirements. We promise to work in a timely and efficient manner to answer questions and get any information requested. We guarantee our customer’s satisfaction. Flair Electronics was founded in 1967…

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Flair Electronics provides high quality Reed Switches, Magnetic Contacts, Water Sensors, Perimeter Detection Sensors, Annunciators, Graphic Displays, Door Alarms and custom products…

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Our High Security Magnetic Contacts are ideal for your bank security applications. Our most popular products are listed below, including BMS, DPDT BMS, Solid Aluminum Surface Mount Magnetic Contacts, Resistors, Magnetic Tamper Resistant Contacts…

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In recent years, school security has understandably come under high scrutiny. Fire and earthquake drills have long been practiced, but schools are realizing the necessity for all types of emergency…

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Recent Articles

  • Protecting Dispensaries Sep 27 - Over half of the states in America have now legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes, while almost a dozen have also legalized it for recreational use. Despite the controversy that may still surround the industry, some security providers are seeing the benefit of a fast growing market that they can now ... read more
  • Hotel Security Jul 25 - The hotel industry was forced to evaluate their security procedures in the days and months following the October 1, 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas. 24-hour security was placed outside the elevators at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino shortly after the shooting and many other hotels across the country ... read more
  • Fence Vibration Sensors for Construction Sites Nov 17 - According to The American Fence Company “Jobsite thefts of tools, equipment and materials continues to be an issue plaguing the construction industry. Unsecured construction sites are easy targets for thieves, especially those lacking adequate security measures. Heavy equipment, power and hand tools and materials such as copper are the most ... read more