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Panic Alarm Systems

Perimeter Door & Gate Monitoring

Panic Alarm Systems

Help protect our most vulnerable and important community members. Work with the K-12 schools in your area and offer them in-classroom panic alarm systems and easy-to-see perimeter gate and door alarm systems.

Our wide variety of wired and wireless panic alarm devices such as pendants, push buttons and motion sensors make it easy to customize a solution for any K-12 school.

Perimeter Door and Gate Monitoring

Detect the intruders at the perimeter before they get in with our heavy-duty door and gate position switches monitored by an LED annunciator. It’s easy to see all of the doors and the sounder calls attention to a problem immediately.

If you do not see what you are looking for, please call us to discuss your application. We have the ability to design and build new electronic security devices and systems from the ground up.


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