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At Flair we produce quality electronic security products and provide all of our customers prompt, courteous and comprehensive service. We will make sure the products we produce work per our specifications and our customer’s requirements. We promise to work in a timely and efficient manner to answer questions and get any information requested. We guarantee our customer’s satisfaction.

Why Flair Security?

Flair Electronics was founded in 1967 and has worked in the security market since its inception. We were the first to invent many of the products you see within our website.

Most of our employees have been with Flair for more than 30 years. Our engineers regularly assist with installation of our products. We have the experience, core competencies and desire to manufacture the best and most durable security products.

When a customer calls Flair and needs help with our products or a new application, we take the time to understand the project and ask all the right questions. We work on the solutions with urgency and get back to customers quickly because we know their time is valuable. Often, we will manufacture prototypes, samples or even finished product and ship within days so our customers can get the job done. 


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Flair Electronics - World Class Security Systems

FLAIRMAN is the symbol for our AT FLAIR WE CARE service.

Since 1967, we have guaranteed our customer’s satisfaction through high quality products and personal service.

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