Theater Security

Security in venues such as amusement parks and sporting arenas is expected by the public, but it wasn’t until recent years that movie theaters started looking for ways to protect their attendees. The tragic 2012 shooting in Aurora, CO brought much needed awareness to this issue. However, theaters have a much higher turnover rate than other types of venues and therefore need a different type of solution.

Fleet Yards

Truck yards are large facilities that can store hundreds of trucks at one time. These trucks carry valuable inventory, so they are often at risk of theft. Thieves can go after not only cargo, but also engine parts, tires and other valuable machinery. Fleet Yards Inc. reached out to Flair for the solution to protect…


In the 45+ year history of Flair Electronics, we have worked in the healthcare industry and have increasingly been involved in the assisted living market. This market is growing every year, and innovative products are constantly being created to protect and care for the residents of these facilities. CyberMedix provides information and communication technology to…

Custom Project for School Security

n recent years, school security has understandably come under high scrutiny. Fire and earthquake drills have long been practiced, but schools are realizing the necessity for all types of emergency preparedness. Fortunately, many schools are upgrading their current security systems to provide students and faculty with a safer environment. We recently completed a custom control…

Water Damage Prevention

Water damage is one of the most common insurance claims among home and commercial property owners. If not caught in time, a water leak can cause thousands of dollars in damage. An easy way to prevent water damage is to turn off the source as soon as water is detected. Some insurance companies even offer discounts…

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