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Magnetic Contact Applications

Flair Electronics has one of the widest range of magnetic contacts for residential applications including all of the most common sizes and configurations. Flair will also mix switches and magnets per your request at no extra charge. Flair Electronics has been manufacturing balanced magnetic switches for high security alarm installations for over 30 years. Our BMS contacts are the smallest available and have been time tested in some of the most sensitive facilities in the world, including installations managed by the secret service.

Annunciator Applications

Flair Annunciators are used in hospitals, assisted living and elderly care facilities to monitor nurse call and/or panic switches in resident rooms.

Perimeter Security Sensor Applications

Flair Electronics chain link fence vibration sensors are used at electrical substations for providing an early warning when intruders break into these sensitive facilities to steel copper or vandalize valuable property.

Environmental Sensor Applications

The number one most common home insurance claim is water damage due to a broken pipe or flooding in basements due to rain. Water sensors manufactured by Flair Electronics may be connected to any wireless transmitter and linked to a house alarm system or cellular communicator. Home owners can be alerted to flooding and take action befoe the damage gets out of control

Tilt Switch Applications

Flair Tilt Switches are designed to monitor outdoor equipment such as HVAC compressors, containers and vehicles. When the angle of the switch is changed more than a specific amount the switch will open. These switches will wire directly to any Alarm Panel, Digital Communicator or wireless transmitter with out the need for any special processors.