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Financial banks understandably have strict security in order to protect its customer’s assets. We recently had an exciting opportunity to create a custom product for a major international security company. This company had a customer who was looking for a solution for the perimeter security surrounding a bank in Kuwait. While our vibration sensors are suited for chain link fences, this specific bank is surrounded by a different type of barrier and therefore required a different product. We accepted the challenge and eventually created the VIB310.


Like our other vibration sensors, this new sensor also has adjustable sensitivity settings to compensate for various elements. It was designed with a custom integrated circuit and is able to filter out common noises. The VIB310 can be mounted directly onto an iron bar fence, gate, container or solar panel structure. Each sensor has three LED lights- green, yellow, and red. The green light indicates that the sensor detects activity on the fence, while the yellow light will flash if the activity is strong enough to register as an event. Depending on the setting, the red light will then signal that there have been enough events on the fence to trigger an alarm. On board relays will communicate the alarm to any security panel. one or more sensors can be used to cover perimeters up to 200 feet.

Pictured below is a similar product, the VIB300.

VIB300 on Fence

VIB300 on Container

Flair specializes in creating custom security products for our customers. We understand that there usually isn’t one solution that is perfect for every application. Contact us today and let us help you with your security needs.