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An installer called Flair in a panic one day because thieves were stealing paintings by local artists from the hospital under his responsibility. We put our experienced engineers on it and came up with the AG100 Series Pull-Apart Switches. A 12” stainless steel lanyard with a small magnet on the end is secured to the painting or object. The magnet goes inside a magnetic switch recessed in the wall behind the object and if it is removed it triggers an alarm.



In addition to paintings and other art objects, these small pull-apart switches can be used indoors to protect overhead monitors and displays, sound equipment, office equipment like computers, gun cabinets, and more. We even have one customer who uses these pull apart switches to attach to keys so the facility guards know when keys for critical areas have been removed from their cabinet.

This is the fun part of working at Flair Electronics – creating new products – so call us with your idea for a great security sensor and we will make it for you!