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In the 45+ year history of Flair Electronics, we have worked in the healthcare industry and have increasingly been involved in the assisted living market. This market is growing every year, and innovative products are constantly being created to protect and care for the residents of these facilities.

CyberMedix provides information and communication technology to the healthcare industry. Their systems include products for nurse call, patient wandering, fall protection and incontinence management.

We recently worked with CyberMedix to create a wireless annunciator to link these products to a central nurse station. Pictured to the right is a panel which allows nurses to see the status of critical patient equipment or monitoring devices at a single glance. Audible and visual alarms alert the caregivers and enable them to respond quickly and efficiently.

For residents in wheelchairs, there is always a risk of falling. A pressure mat on the wheelchair communicates with the panel and notifies the nurse if a patient is no longer sitting. This is just one example of how our annunciators can be used to connect different devices.

Our knowledge and experience in different industries make Flair a great fit for those looking for unique solutions. We’ll work closely with you to make sure our quality products meet your needs. Feel free to contact us to discuss your next project.