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According to The American Fence Company “Jobsite thefts of tools, equipment and materials continues to be an issue plaguing the construction industry. Unsecured construction sites are easy targets for thieves, especially those lacking adequate security measures. Heavy equipment, power and hand tools and materials such as copper are the most targeted items. According to the National Equipment Register (NER), heavy equipment theft has been on the rise the past couple of years.” In addition to theft at construction sites vandalism is also on the rise and in some neighborhoods, there are incidents of arson.

Flair Electronic’s perimeter security sensors are an inexpensive and effective means of detecting intrusion at construction site fences early so the appropriate response may be initiated. Recently Raptor Security started using Flair Electronic’s wireless fence vibration sensors with built-in Inovonics transmitters, P/N VIB100W, on metal chain link fences at construction sites for a large developer of apartments and retail space in Oakland, California. The wireless sensors integrate with their mobile solar powered surveillance systems and give guards on site immediate notification and location of an intrusion.

Flair vibrations sensors are unique devices and have low false alarm rates. Each sensor has its own micro-controller and analyzes just the intrusions at the 50 feet of fence around it. Also every fence has different characteristics such as tightness, age or metal link gauge so our vibrations sensors have four sensitivity settings. They can be tuned to any fence type. Several sensors can be used for small sections of fence, cages around equipment such as HVAC units or many sensors together for longer fence lines. Sensors do not have to be positioned in a straight line like beams but can be placed on curved fences or fences with different elevations.

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