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Flair Electronics has been making magnetic contacts and other electronic security equipment at our manufacturing facility in Southern California since 1967. We are currently well-stocked with raw materials and can fill your orders in days, not weeks or months. With one of the widest variety of UL listed magnetic contacts in the industry, from recessed to overhead door, from normally closed to SPDT triple biased, we have something for every application. 

Flair also manufactures wired and wireless LED annunciators and wired and wireless fence intrusion sensors. LED Annunciators and graphic displays identify the status of the facility security system with just a glance at the panel. If an alarm is triggered, guards are immediately notified by a sounder and flashing red light. Our metal fence vibration sensors are used by the US Border to detect climbs and cuts at all types of metal fences and barriers.

At Flair, we love to solve new and difficult security challenges too. With deep engineering and manufacturing skills, our customers have come to rely on us to provide innovative inexpensive solutions. Just last week an installer called and needed a wireless sensor to detect theft of light equipment such as lawnmowers and chain saws in their customer’s showroom. The challenging part was that salespeople wanted to be able to disarm the sensor on the floor to show customers. Flair came up with a great solution and built prototypes for testing in just a week. 

These are challenging times. Call Flair to partner with a US company that can consistently provide you with reliable, innovative, simple-to-install products to ensure the security of your customers…. And ask about our solution to secure the showroom equipment too.