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Truck yards are large facilities that can store hundreds of trucks at one time. These trucks carry valuable inventory, so they are often at risk of theft. Thieves can go after not only cargo, but also engine parts, tires and other valuable machinery. Fleet Yards Inc. reached out to Flair for the solution to protect one of their truck yards in Ontario, CA.

As with any large facility, there are often multiple points of entry that are vulnerable to break-ins. It can be a challenge to protect a large area, especially when it’s outside. Fence security systems can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars, but Flair’s system is both easy to use and cost efficient.

After visiting the site and discussing the type of theft taking place, Flair and Fleet Yards decided to install economical taut wire fence sensors in the most critical areas. These sensors are connected to a simple LED annunciator in the main guard office and sirens and strobe lights throughout the yard. By creating a barrier five feet tall with taut wires every 12 inches thieves cannot cut the fence and carry large heavy tires or containers out of the yard without triggering an alarm and setting off a cacophony of sound and light.

Truck yard 1

The taut wire sensors are immune to wind and temperature so false alarms are rare. The sensors are very visible and when used with signs notifying potential thieves that there is an electric security fence present they are an effective deterrent sending the bad guys down the road.