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The hotel industry was forced to evaluate their security procedures in the days and months following the October 1, 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas. 24-hour security was placed outside the elevators at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino shortly after the shooting and many other hotels across the country have implemented new rules and security measures to ensure guests that their safety is a top priority.

In addition to an increase of security guards, some hotels have begun using robotic devices. The Pechanga Resort in Temecula, CA recently began using two separate robots for enhanced security. One monitors the valet parking area while the other is located in the hotel lobby. The robots are made by California based company Knightscope and are currently being utilized in select shopping centers, sports arenas and other businesses across the country.

Some hotels have also started to use panic button systems to protect hotel employees. Companies such as Enseo have created an “associate distress” system to assist employees in the case of harassment or other type of critical situation. Once the wearable button is pressed, a signal transmits the location of the employee in need of assistance.

Flair Electronics also supplies many products to the hotel industry. Our magnetic contacts are used to secure perimeter doors and trigger room HVAC systems. Our Waterguard sensor is used in to detect leaking water pipes or appliances. Our wired and wireless annunciators, some with graphic displays of floor plans, are used for monitoring perimeter doors, panic alarms and water leak detection sensors. 

Technology in the security industry is constantly changing. With and engineering orientation Flair stays current and can provide you innovative solutions to your security needs.