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Damaged OHD ContactTraditional overhead door (OHD) contacts are often mounted on the floor, where there’s a risk of damage from foot or vehicle traffic. Forklifts or cars can easily run them over, detaching them so they no longer work properly. One way to fix this problem is to mount the contact on the rail itself and out of harm’s way. Flair’s line of clamp-on OHD contacts are the perfect solution for those who need a cost effective product with easy installation.

The switch bracket can be mounted to the rail with just one bolt. Positioning the contact on the rail reduces the risk of damage and a wide 3″ gap compensates for any extra movement of the door. Our OHD contacts are suitable for both residential and industrial applications.


Pictured below is the 1000-50SG. Our contacts are available in an open, closed, or open/closed loop types and colors include white, brown and gray. More information is available on the data sheet which can be found in our download center. You can also contact us at (800) 532-3492 for pricing and availability.


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