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Do you want your facility to be as secure as a nuclear power station or a high-security Army facility? Keep reading to find out how!

Flair Electronics UL certified Balanced Magnetic Switches (BMS) offer a higher level of security than regular reed magnetic contacts. Our BMS contacts include an additional magnetic tamper reed switch, separate from the door or window position switch. This switch changes state and triggers an alarm when an external magnet is placed next to the switch case in an attempt to bypass the door or window security.

Recessed contacts include sizes 3/8”, 3/4” and 1” diameters and come with an adjustable magnet to make installation on any door easy. Surface Mount contacts include light-duty sizes 2 ½, 4”, and heavy-duty sizes 3 ½”, 3 ¾” and 4 ¼”. Overhead Door contacts include floor mount and clamp-on styles. Electrical configurations include closed circuit, single pole double throw (SPDT), double pole double throw (DPDT) door or window position switches plus a magnetic tamper. Resistors can be built into the switches for compatibility with any alarm panel.

Switches and magnets are made from fire-retardant ABS plastic or aluminum and are potted with Urethane for maximum resistance to harsh environments. Magnets are rare-earth Neodymium. Standex (OKI) rhodium plated hermetically sealed reeds, UL listed wire, and stainless-steel armored cable are some of the other materials used resulting in the highest quality products on the market enabling Flair Electronics to provide a lifetime warranty for our BMS contacts.

Flair Electronics high-security magnetic contacts are used by our nuclear power stations, the Army, FBI, Secret Service, and other high-security facilities to protect the most important people, equipment, and secrets in the nation … CALL us today for help with applications and pricing – 800-568-0008.