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An overhead door magnetic contact is an essential part of the security alarm system to protect your warehouse from theft. Overhead doors are common weak points when it comes to protecting your business because these garage doors are easier to pry open and have larger openings. Intruders can enter quickly and steel large items.

Flair Security has two solutions to keep your warehouse and property safe! The model 1000-50SG and model 1000-50SGX overhead door contacts are so easy to install, you will need to take a coffee break to justify your time spent on site. 

The switches are attached to a clamp that mounts to the rail with just one screw. The 50SG model can fit on rectangular or D rails with a max thickness of 2 ¼” while the 50SGX model can fit on rails with a max thickness of 4”. Standard switches are closed-circuit or SPDT with a magnet present. Magnets are attached to wood or metal sectional or curtain doors with two thru-bolts or screws.

Not only are these models easy to install, but they are also weatherproof. The switches are epoxy sealed for maximum environmental resistance and made with ABS fire retardant or aluminum cases. The magnets are made with rare earth metals and premium reeds. These models are then made with either jacketed cables or armored cable leads for more wear resistance. You’ll never have to worry about our overhead door contacts failing. We are so confident in this fact that they have a lifetime warranty.

Custom options are also available to include longer wire, built-in resistors, and more! If you have any questions about our products and how we can help with your specific project ….. CALL us today 800-532-3492. AT FLAIR WE CARE!!