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Thieves are taking anything that is not bolted down these days! In order to combat theft and secure your property, deploy a Flair SZA460 Single Zone Alarm with a Pull Apart Loop and receive a warning before it’s too late to stop the bad guys. Two heavy-duty cables run through the metal structure or mounts of two or more pieces of equipment and plug into each other to form a loop. The single zone alarm has a large magnet on the back of the case so that it will securely attach to the equipment it is protecting. When the thief tries to steal your equipment by disconnecting or cutting the loop, the device will sound the alarm!

Increase your level of protection by installing a wireless transmitter inside the powder-coated Nema 4X enclosure. This enables you to receive the alarm at a Flair wireless annunciator at your register or office. Flair Annunciators, Models 582-1015-24 and 582-1015-32, have 24 and 32 separate zones to monitor multiple pieces of equipment at once. These annunciators also have built-in Inovonics receivers, alarm sounders, and a removable identification template that can be customized with the name of each item or area to be protected. 

These alarm systems are ideal for rental equipment and material storage yards but can be used for any large asset that you fear may be a target for theft. Call Flair at 800-532-3492 today to discuss how we can help you protect what matters to you! AT FLAIR WE CARE!!