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How does an intruder defeat a door reed magnetic contact and get into your office or bank and steal all your money and secrets? One method is to use an external magnet to keep the door switch closed, bypassing the door magnet, and enabling the door to be opened without triggering the alarm. Another method is to peel off the insulation on the wires, twist the bare copper together, and short the switch so that the circuit always remains closed and the alarm secure. 

Now you may ask … How can you prevent this type of intrusion? The answer …. Use Flair Electronics’ model 1000-34SW-RAC or MSS2757-RAC recessed magnetic contacts. Both models come with attractive brushed stainless steel recessed ANSI door plates that fit standard cutouts in steel doors. The switches and wires are all recessed inside the door frame so that an intruder can not get to them. Not this time Boogey Man!!!









The Model 1000-34SW-RAC comes in NC, SPDT, and DPDT configurations with a 1” Gap and is equivalent to the old Sentrol and Interlogix Model 1090-G. The High-Security Model MSS2757-RAC is a Triple Biased SPDT configuration and is equivalent to the old Sentrol and Interlogix model 2757. Each switch is sealed in epoxy so that the electronics and wire connections are isolated and protected from corrosion. With a lifetime warranty, you can keep the bad guys out, and rest assured that your Flair magnetic contacts are going to stand the test of time.

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