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Information at a glance for your facility’s security.

Have you ever been handling multiple things at once and don’t have the free hand to scroll through an LCD or computer screen to see what’s happening on the perimeter gates or doors to your facility? Do you have 400 cameras on screen and just want to know what door is open? Or where the intruders are right away? Our simple time tested annunciators can make your life much easier!! The Model 503 Surface Mount Annunciator can have up to 72 zones with a Green LED for secure, Red LED for Alarm and Yellow LED for Bypass. Each annunciator has a built in 85dBA Sounder, Altronix 12V SMP3 Power Supply, Back-Up Battery and 110 VAC Transformer. You can connect the annunciator inputs to our regular closed, open or high security magnetic contacts, fence vibration intrusion sensors or our water leak and temperature sensors. This alarm panel allows you to relax knowing that all is secure and that you would be notified immediately if a sensor is tripped by a pulsing alarm sound and a zone Red Alarm LED so that you can respond quickly and efficiently. 

At Flair, we have been manufacturing alarm annunciators for over 30 years and it is not uncommon for these products to last that long. 

Drury Inns uses a Model 503 in their hotel lobby offices in order to monitor a variety of sensors. Zones include a pressure pad at the front desk to alert when a guest has arrived. A motion sensor in the snack room indicates when there are hungry prospects looking for a late night treat. Magnetic contacts on all of the first floor perimeter doors indicate when a guest may be propping a door to let someone in who should not be there. Magnetic contacts are also on all the pool gates to alert the desk if someone tries to go swimming after hours.

The NYC school district also uses Model 503 annunciators for many of their public schools to monitor perimeter doors and gates as well as some of their heating and cooling systems. Any type of dry contact sensor can be connected to the inputs of the annunciator like oil level sensors. 

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