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You asked and Flair has come through again! We have duplicated the Sentrol Series 3040 Panic Switches and they are available for immediate purchase. This low-profile panic switch can be mounted on the wall or under a desk out of sight and will not snag on clothing. Pulling the lever activates the switch and triggers a call. The smooth operation and noticeable click of the lever lets the user know that the switch is working properly.

This panic switch is good for all panic or call system applications, such as under desks at banks, retail stores, and hotels, or on the wall in freezers, industrial facilities, and government buildings. Installation is easy with just two screws for mounting and either wires or terminals for connection to the alarm.

Model 3045 is Normally Closed when secure and comes with 12” #22 AWG wires. Model 3045-SPDT has both an Open and Closed loop and comes with color-coded 12” #22 AWG wires. Both switches can be ordered with longer wires or cables. Model 3045T-SPDT has both an Open and Closed loop and comes with a terminal for wire connection. Model 3040 is an SPDT configuration and has a red LED that latches on when the lever is opened. This switch has a terminal for wire connections.

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