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When Interlogix bailed on the Sentrol line of magnetic contacts they left a huge hole in the market, especially with the high-security balanced magnetic switches. Flair has filled the void with our new line of FlairGuard high-security contacts.

The MSS2707A-T is a low-cost high-quality alternative to other high-security contacts on the market. It is potted with Urethane for maximum protection from the environment, 100% tested, and has a life-time-warranty. Our MSS2707A-T has the same mounting hole pattern as the Interlogix model. We also have some new brackets and magnet mounting plates which make it super easy to install and align.


  • Triple Bias Reeds, UL Listed Standard 634, Level I
  • Magnetic Tamper and Pry Tamper
  • 36” Armored Cable, #22 AWG Wire Leads
  • Urethane Potting for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Lifetime Warranty

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