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Smart, attractive, and versatile…just like you! Flair Single Zone Alarms are the perfect solution to any security need. They are manufactured with double gang stainless-steel panels that can be recessed or surface mounted. The alarms monitor open or closed supervised end-of-line resistor loops and have simple visual displays for security statuses (Green LED = Secure, Red LED = Alarm, and Yellow LED = Bypass). An internal sounder provides local alerts to a problem. Flair Single Zone Alarms can be customized with key-switch or push-button options for silence, reset, and bypass functions. Plug-in and battery-powered models are both available. These alarms come with a Form C relay for triggering wireless transmitters, sirens, water valves, or other external devices. 

Flair Single Zone Alarms have been used in a multitude of applications. Here are how some of our customers are using our alarms:

  • To monitor perimeter doors in army barracks so that no one can sneak on or off the base
  • To monitor hotel pool gates so that their facilities can not be accessed during off-hours
  • To monitor rolling yard gates with battery operated models where electricity is difficult to access
  • To monitor water leak sensors in expensive homes that are then equipped to shut off the main water valve to mitigate costly damage 

Using a single wireless transmitter with the Single Zone Alarm in these applications is easy and can alert security personnel at remote locations. 

Rob McDonald, the founder of Water Damage Prevention Systems (WDPS) in Adkins, Texas, has been using Flair Single Zone Alarms for years. He has worked with us to develop his own water detection system and sensors to detect leaks at residential, commercial, and industrial properties. The system is connected to the main water valve and shuts it down at the first sign of a leak. WDPS has saved folks millions of dollars in damage costs. Check out his website and give him a call to see how he can help you or your customers. 

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