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Flair Electronics wired and wireless chain link and metal bar fence vibration sensors catch the bad guys before they can get into your facility. These stand-alone sensors attach to the fence with just two screws and connect to any alarm panel to trigger an alarm. An onboard microcontroller analyzes the vibration at the fence and makes the call, is it a person attempting to climb or cut the fence or just a little breeze? Choose from four settings to optimize sensitivity to the type of fence and intrusion. Use just a few sensors for an HVAC cage or connect multiple sensors to cover longer fences.

Recent improvements allow these fence sensors to be connected directly to video recorders and send alarm notifications and video directly to your phone. Set up rules with the recorder software to create dual sensing triggers such as vibration sensor and camera pixilation. Set camera presets for each sensor and/or zone on the fence. This type of security system ensures zero false alarms.

Applications include portable fences at construction sites, fences around small yards at commercial facilities, remote power stations, cages for sensitive materials or HVAC units and even the southern border town fences. Ask Raptor Security or the US Border Patrol and they will tell you Flair Electronics’ fence vibration sensors are reliable and catch the bad guys at the outer layer… CALL us today for help with design and pricing – 800-568-0008.