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Looking to broaden your product offering? Flair has an extensive line of wired and wireless devices including pull cords, push buttons, bed cords, pressure pads, motion sensors, and pendants. For smaller facilities, the call system and security system can be combined so that owners can monitor perimeter gates, doors, windows, and even water leaks along with call devices.

Our wired call annunciators are made with our time-tested eight-zone LED modules, expandable up to 300 rooms. Panel options include desktop, surface mount, and recessed. Link to multiple annunciators, pagers, or mobile devices with our serial communication modules. Our wireless call annunciators have a built-in Inovonics receiver and work with Inovonics transmitters and repeaters.


  • Wired and Wireless Systems and Devices
  • Robust Notification and Reporting
  • Custom and Stock Solutions
  • Increase Customer Base and Revenue

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