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Over half of the states in America have now legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes, while almost a dozen have also legalized it for recreational use. Despite the controversy that may still surround the industry, some security providers are seeing the benefit of a fast growing market that they can now serve.

The July issue of SD&I features this topic in their cover story “A Growing Opportunity.” It describes how some companies such as Hardcar Security have succeeded in providing security for this niche market. Since marijuana is still prohibited under federal law, there are still some hurdles for many business owners. For example, many banks can refuse deposits from businesses that deal with marijuana which therefore causes the industry to work mostly with cash. This can make dispensaries even more prone to robberies, even with the addition of armed security guards.

The marijuana industry will likely continue to expand nationwide and with it, so will the opportunities for security installers to cater towards this unique market. Flair Electronics manufactures magnetic contacts, LED alarm panels and fence vibration sensors all of which can help professionals design a comprehensive security solution for the marijuana grower.


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