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The County of San Bernardino entrusted Flair Electronics with the responsibility of providing a comprehensive system to protect the lives of instructors, inmates and guards at a 16 classroom campus at the Sheriff’s Department Inmate Education Facility in San Bernardino, California.

Flair’s application specialists worked closely with County electricians to design a hybrid wired and wireless annunciator system which met all their needs.  The system provides each classroom with a wireless panic switch that the teachers carry, a wired panic switch mounted on each classroom‘s wall, an exterior room alarm LED and an alarm siren.

The classrooms can be monitored by guards in the same building or an adjacent one across the street.  When a teacher presses a wireless or wired panic switch, it triggers an LED and sounder on the local and remote annunciators. The room exterior LED and area siren also go off, summoning Sheriff’s deputies to the location.  

Flair has the products and 45 years’ experience to blend cutting-edge technologies to the client’s advantage even when there is a tight budget.  These systems are economical to own, flexible to configure, and best of all, they’re easy to operate.


Inside Main Annunciator with Dialer



Outside Classroom Alarm Lights



Wall Mount Panic Switches with LED