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Steve Moloney of Teletech Security has been installing Flair Annunciators in the Bay Area since 1982. They have been installed in affordable housing units, social service centers and rehabilitation facilities. These annunciators are used to monitor panic switches so service personnel can call for help and immediately notify security.
Flair Annunciators
Steve’s products of choice are the 503A Surface Mount and 561A Recessed Annunciators with Communication Module. Steve installs the 503A Annunciator and a CM500 Communication Module in the electrical room of the facility and home runs all of the panic switches to this main unit. From the main annunciator Steve runs a communication bus using Cat 5 to the Communication Module and then to recessed annunciators in the security and administration offices.
The result is a tight, clean looking, easy to service installation that provides the facility managers immediate visual and audible notification of any problems. Steve has also installed Flair wireless annunciators in older facilities where new wire is hard to run.
Why Flair?
Steve states that Flair panels are both clean looking and aesthetically pleasing. With our simple visual display and audible alarm, security personnel are able to easily identify which zones need immediate attention. Steve also likes that Flair has the engineers and takes the time to help him with solutions to difficult applications and trouble shoot problems. Follow Steve’s lead and call Flair Electronics to learn more about our great products and discuss your next project.