The demand for nurse call systems and long term care overall is expected to rise over the years.

The “baby boomer” generation is the largest generation in the U.S. – people ages 52 to 70 – born right after World War II. And as healthcare and science progress, the baby boomer generation is living longer and is remaining to be the largest generation, but they are needing more help. The large population of these elderly people forecast a rise in demand for senior care. As can be seen from the graph, the elderly assisted living market will grow up to 20% per year.

New senior care facilities, senior care campuses and even private homes are mobilizing to meet this demand. With all these new facilities and homes offering their service for our seniors, these facilities will need up-to-date life safety and emergency call systems to ensure the safety and wide variety of needs of our seniors.

Flair Electronics has been making wired and wireless emergency call systems and accessories for many years. We believe we are the right partner to help you work in this challenging and rewarding field. After all, we all want to ensure the safety and take care of our seniors.