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Water damage is one of the most common insurance claims among home and commercial property owners. If not caught in time, a water leak can cause thousands of dollars in damage. An easy way to prevent water damage is to turn off the source as soon as water is detected. Some insurance companies even offer discounts when a water leak detection system is installed.

Flair has created a water leak detection system consisting of an alarm panel powered by 24 VAC and simple probes. When any of the probes come into contact with water a red LED, low level audible and form C relay are activated. Connecting a shut off valve on the main water line to the relay will stop the leak immediately and prevent any damage.

The Flair SZA200-H2O has three LEDs- green for secure, yellow for bypass and red for alarm. There is a single button on the right side for silence, reset and bypass functions. Multiple probes may be connected on one input loop and since the input utilizes alternating current, the probes are not subject to electrolysis and will not corrode when submerged in water.


Probe on left is part of a DC system and is corroded due to submersion in water. Probe on right is connected to Flair SZA200-H2O and will last forever, even if submerged. Many people may not know the benefit of a water leak detection system until it’s too late. The SZA200-H2O is a simple solution that can prevent thousands of dollars in water damage. Contact Flair today for pricing and more information.