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At Flair we produce quality electronic security products and provide all of our customers prompt, courteous and comprehensive service. We will make sure the products we produce work per our specifications and our customer’s requirements. We promise to work in a timely and efficient manner to answer questions and get any information requested. We guarantee our customer’s satisfaction. Flair Electronics was founded in 1967…

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Flair Electronics provides high quality Reed Switches, Magnetic Contacts, Water Sensors, Perimeter Detection Sensors, Annunciators, Graphic Displays, Door Alarms and custom products…

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Our High Security Magnetic Contacts are ideal for your bank security applications. Our most popular products are listed below, including BMS, DPDT BMS, Solid Aluminum Surface Mount Magnetic Contacts, Resistors, Magnetic Tamper Resistant Contacts…

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In recent years, school security has understandably come under high scrutiny. Fire and earthquake drills have long been practiced, but schools are realizing the necessity for all types of emergency…

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