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1010-H2OS36-EN1751: Water Probe for Inovonics EN1751

The Flair Water Probe, P/N 1010-H2OS36-EN1751, works with the Inovonics EN1751 transmitter to detect leaking or flooding water or other electrically conductive fluid. The Water Probe comes with 36” leads and wires directly to the EN1751. Probe can mount to wall with screws or be adhered to floor with tape (included) or Silicone adhesive. When conductive liquid rises 3/16” for floor mount or 1/16” for wall mount and bridges both of the probes the loop will short triggering an alarm. Wires are supervised and will trigger tamper alarm if cut or disconnected.

  • Specifications

    Part Number




    Lead Length

    36" Center Zip Wire Leads

    Loop Type

    Normally Open


    2 1/2" L x 1/2" Wide x 1/2" Tall


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