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Model AS112: Wallpager

When connected to Flair Annunciators the WaveWare SPS- 5 v8 Alphanumeric Paging System allows you to automatically transmit alarm messages to industry standard on-site pagers, with no monthly paging service fees. You own all of the equipment. Text, Numeric, and Tone / Vibrate messages can be immediately delivered to industry standard POCSAG Clip-On-Pagers and Wall-pagers.

Connect without wires to Flair Annunciators and Waveware Paging System to display alarm messages anywhere in the facility.

Alpha LED Display, Red Display Color, Sign Operates in Single Mode, 1-Line or 2-Line, 110VAC, 6 ft. power cord included, Optional Horn and Strobe Kit for Annunciation of New Messages.