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RMS94-2N, RMS93-2N, RMS95-2N: 3/8″ Recessed Magnetic Contact Series

Recessed Magnetic Contacts come standard in NC, NO, SPDT, and SPDT electrical configurations. Standard wide gap is 3″ and several mounting options include floor or rail bracket.


  • Specifications

    Part Number

    RMS94-2N, RMS93-2N, RMS95-2N


    White, Brown, Gray, and Black

    Electrical Rating

    RMS94-2N: Maximum 100 VDC, 50 ma., 10 W, RMS93-2N and RMS95-2N: Maximum 30 VDC, 20 ma., 3 W


    1/2″ +

    Lead Length

    12″ Wire Leads

    Loop Type (with magnet present)

    RMS94-2N: Normally Closed, RMS93-2N: Normally Open, RMS95-2N: SPDT


    3/8″ Dia. x 3/4″ Long

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