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Don’t Get Flooded!

Upgrade your customer’s security system with water sensors and be the hero!
People spend thousands of dollars each year repairing damages from floods that could have been prevented. The average cost for flood damages can range from $30 – $70,000+ depending on size. Read More
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*Based on a 2,000 square foot home

Try our New WaterGuard Products!

Flair Electronics has added two new sensors to the series of WaterGuard leak detection devices: 1010-H2OS36-EN1751 and 3010-H2OS180-EN1751. Both sensors connect directly to the Inovonics EN1751 transmitter. The sensors trigger an alarm whenever water or other conductive fluid rises 1/16” and bridges two of the nickel-plated probes.
The 1010-H2OS36-EN1751 attaches directly to a baseboard with screws or can be stuck to the side of a pan with double-sided tape.

The 3010-H2OS180-EN1751 is heavy enough to sit on the ground under a water heater or sink without moving.


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