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Sadly, we are hearing all too often about shootings at schools, theaters, government facilities and other public places. Many are desperate to find solutions, and while it might be impossible to stop a deranged person, it is possible to summon help as soon as a situation begins to develop.

“We have been using Flair Electronics’ panic alarm annunciators at the courthouse in San Bernardino for as long as I can remember. They work great. Flair’s team of engineers are very helpful and the systems they design and manufacture provide our people a means to call for help immediately.” David Knight, San Bernardino Security Engineer

For over 30 years, Flair Electronics has manufactured simple-to-use, but, rugged panic alarm systems that can help protect innocent people and coordinate quick response during critical times. When seconds count, there is no time to scroll through endless computer prompts. Flair’s Wired and Wireless Annunciators provide the exact location of the problem plotted on an easy-to-read graphic showing the layout of the facility or a zone identification label next to each flashing LED. If a door is forced open or a panic switch is pushed, the annunciators immediately notify security staff with an 85dB alert and flashing red LED. Flair’s Annunciators are customizable to fit many specific requirements. You need to add switches to lock down doors? Flair can help with that.

Certified Security Engineers like David Knight place their trust in Flair Electronics equipment. Now is the time to do the same and take your facilities’ security and the people who are trusting you to protect them, to the next level.

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Stay safe, be prepared!
Flair Electronics wants you to stay safe, click on the link to learn what you can do in an active shooter situation and how to be prepared:
FEMA Active Shooter Guidelines