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PFC48, PFC41 and PFC42: 3/4″ Recessed Magnetic Contact Series

The PFC48, PFC41 and PFC42 series of contacts are strong commercial grade 3/4″ Diameter Recessed Magnetic Contacts. The patented Flair recessed case locks into several gauges of steel doors as well as wood doors. Standard electrical configurations are NC, NO, SPDT, and DPDT. Regular gap in a steel door is 1/2″ and wide gap is 1″. This series of contacts can be customized by adding resistors, longer wire and even company logo. When you need a strong economical recessed contact nothing beats our PFC48, PFC41 and PFC42 series.

  • Specifications

    Part Number



    White, Brown, Gray, Black



    Lead Length

    12″ Wire Leads

    Loop Type (with magnet present)

    Normally Closed


    3/4″ Dia. x .90″ Long

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